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March 7, 2018

in Administration and Coordination, Age Groups, Ages 12 and under, Ages 12+, Ages 16+, Ages 18+


The Health Educator Intern is responsible for planning and presenting educational presentations to schools and community groups. The intern will use evidence-informed curriculum and appropriate strategies and methods that support young people in making healthy and well-informed decisions. Topics the Health Educator Intern will be presenting include, but are not limited to: abstinence, contraception, safer sex, healthy relationships, intimacy and consent, sexually transmitted infections, sexual decision making, stress management, and puberty.

We would love help putting up clinic flyers at local community sites, like libraries, coffee shops, community centers, etc. 

Location: 15 8th Avenue South, Hopkins, MN 55343
Ages: Varies
Date(s): Varies
Time(s): Varies
Contact: Kelseys@myhealthmn.org
Website: http://www.myhealthmn.org
Time Commitment: Varies

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