Food and Fund Drive: Second Harvest Heartland

May 4, 2016

in Age Groups, Ages 12 and under, Ages 12+, Ages 16+, Ages 18+, Homeless and Hunger Needs

Regular Food Drive: Collect non-perishable food donations and monetary donations at your place of work, church, school or other organization

Virtual Food Drive: For greater convenience, create a virtual food drive using our simple online tool. Donors can “shop” online for food products to make a donation.

Location: 6325 Sandburg Rd. Suite 1700, Golden Valley, MN 55427, Volunteers enter through the front. Golden Valley is: Office Hours Monday–Friday: 8:00 AM–4:30 PM.
Ages: 8+
Date(s): Varies
Time(s): Varies
Paige Stein – 651.209.7953 or
Volunteer Engagement – 651.282.0901 or
Time Commitment: Varies

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