Historian or Research Volunteer: myHealth for Teens and Young Adults

December 18, 2012

in Administration and Coordination, Ages 16+, Ages 18+, Computers and Technology, Needs

For myHealth you will have created a series of files, scrapbooks and other collections of organizational documents in chronological order, as well as creating lists of historical data, such as past board members of the organization. Assist Executive Director in creating a factual organizational timeline for the past 40 years.

1. Compile chronological scrapbooks, photo albums etc. from existing agency records, photographs, etc.
2. Compile lists of past board members, staff members, volunteers, etc., and research contact information
3. Create historical timeline of events over 40 years
4. Interview former and current key staff/board members with knowledge of historical data
5. Research myHealth for other data on the internet
6. Attend scheduled volunteer dates/times or give at least a two-week notice if unable to
7. Accurately record volunteer hours
8. At least 3-month commitment to position

Location: 15 8th Avenue South, Hopkins, MN 55343
Ages: 15 and older preferred
Date(s): Whenever available
Time(s): Whenever available
Contact: info@myhealthmn.org or call 952-767-0929
Website: http://www.myhealthmn.org
Time Commitment: 3-5 hrs/ week for at least 3 months

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