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September 25, 2013

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Every six seconds one child has died from hunger related causes.

This is crazy! Especially when you think about the fact that we produce enough food to feed every person in the world over 4 pounds of food everyday!

Something is not right. But you can make a difference.

We have had a WONDERFUL  year with Kids Against Hunger!  Normally, the major challenge is getting the funds for the events as an adult can pack $50 worth of food in an hour.  This year, because of a corporate partnership and generous donations we will be packing another 100,000 meals this fall in multiple events and it is already paid for!  We plan to send 200,000 meals plus clothing and medical supplies directly into war-torn Syria.  We have an amazing contact that has the ability to bring relief into one of the most difficult places on the planet.  Come and help us fill a container to aid those in desperate need.  We will be taking groups for free until the funds run out.

YWAM Minneapolis and Kids Against Hunger make it easy. Bring your group to our campus. In just 2 hours, 10 people can pack enough food to feed over 2,000 hungry kids.  

YWAM/Kids Against Hunger has the equipment, expertise and a portion of the raw materials we need to meet our goal of providing 2,000,000 meals. 

Location: 8150 20th St SE, Buffalo, MN 55313
Ages: ages 7-107
Date(s)/Time(s): Tuesday nights @ 6PM and Saturdays @ 12:30PM
Time Commitment: 2 hours

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