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May 6, 2016

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In order to do this right and safely, we need to take a pause on all volunteer activities leading up to the holidays to protect the safety of our team and volunteers. We have done a great job in the warehouse to follow CDC and MDH guidelines, but we will need every single person to stay healthy so that we can actualize the vision that every kid in Minnesota who wants a bike can have one. 

There are still important ways that you can help FB4K MN this winter that are necessary for us to continue the work when we come back from our pause.

  1. Donate financially. It only costs about $30 for us to get a kid a bike and a helmet. If you have the means, sponsor a bike, multiple bikes, or even part of a bike. $30 will open the door to possibilities. It’s easy to donate. Click here, or find us on our website at This year, we need support more than ever with the most bikes we’ve ever collected, and a very clear view of the needs in Minnesota. The kids without bikes are being left behind.
  2. Donate a bike. It’s not too late to donate a bike. We will return to our volunteer activities when it’s safe to do so to continue this important work. The outgrown bike in your garage, your friend’s garage, or on the curb will change someones life. To schedule a drop-off time, please reach out via email,
  3. Donate bike parts. We all saw this year unfold and we are navigating these unexpected results. The bike industry had a huge boom while supply chains were already struggling to meet the normal demand because of the pandemic. The result – FB4K MN is doing EVEN MORE to refurbish used parts, including patching tubes. You can schedule this via email, If you want to patch the tubes before you bring them, GREAT! If you don’t, that’s ok too. We will patch them. Check out your local bike shop to see if they want to help you gather tubes going to recycling. You can patch them, we can patch them. We will work it out! Please remember, most of our bikes need Shraeder valve tubes (like the valves on a car).

Let’s hit the ground running when we can safely bring our volunteers back. Please consider supporting us in one or all of the ways listed. Each donation is meaningful to the kids that will ride into a future of possibilities.

With gratitude,

Location: TBD
Ages: All ages, kids ages 10 and up are welcome to volunteer with an adult.
Date(s): ON PAUSE! 
Time(s): ON PAUSE! 
Contact: or 612.567.3245
Time Commitment: shifts are three hours

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