Donation Drive Coordinator: myHealth for Teens and Young Adults

December 18, 2012

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Volunteers are needed to coordinate and execute drives to collect items needed to ease the budget of myHealth. This is a fun project for women’s and church groups and scout troops or others. Lists and flyers are provided and volunteers are asked to collect items and bring them to their local myHealth location or purchase them through the myHealth Wish List. Items include office supplies, snacks for the Youth Advisory Board, and other materials for our education department.

1. Request donations from community for myHealth
2. Coordinate drives with schools, faith-based organizations, nonprofits, etc.
3. Distribute lists and flyers as needed
4. Purchase supplies through myHealth Wish List using donated money
5. Notify Director of Development and External Relations about incoming items
6. Accurately record volunteer hours
7. Maintain organization confidentiality
8. Maintain a respectful and non-judgmental approach when interacting with clients and staff

Location: 15 8th Avenue South, Hopkins, MN 55343
Ages: Any age!
Date(s): Whenever available
Time(s): Whenever available
Contact: or call 952-767-0929
Time Commitment: Average of 1-2 hrs/wk

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