The TreeHouse Community Volunteer Program focuses on fulfilling the needs of TreeHouse in the communities we serve while providing meaningful engagement opportunities for the volunteers themselves.  The TreeHouse Community Volunteer Program seeks to create the best overall experience for the volunteer through adequate preparation, resources, support and infrastructure that will in return make the greatest impact on the TreeHouse youth, staff and communities.

TreeHouse Events Volunteer:

Serve on a planning committee for a TreeHouse event and assist with various fundraising

related tasks such as sponsorship and auctions.  If you don’t want to serve on a committee but want to be involved, volunteer your time and talent to work at one or more of our various events.

Location: Varies
Ages: 18+
Date(s): Varies
Time(s): 2.5 – 5 hours per month
Contact: or 952-238-1010
Time Commitment: Varies

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