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September 25, 2013

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Every six seconds one child dies from hunger related causes.

This is crazy! Especially when you think about the fact that we produce enough food to feed every person in the world over 4 pounds of food everyday!

Something is not right. But you can make a difference.

We have had a WONDERFUL year with Kids Against Hunger!  We have recently sent a container of food into Syria and are so grateful for all the hearts, hands and finances that made that possible.

We are a non-profit organization therefore each group that comes needs to commit to raising finances ahead of time for their event to cover the cost of the product that they will pack.  A teenager/adult can pack $50 worth of product during an event and children can pack $25 in product.  At our facility we can host up to 60 people packing at one time.  If you have more than 50 people and are fully funded we are glad to make arrangements to come to your location to do an event. 

Youth With A Mission/Kids Against Hunger makes it easy.  We have the equipment, expertise and can order the raw materials needed to pack food for the needy.

Come & make a difference!!

Location: 8150 20th St SE, Buffalo, MN 55313
Ages: ages 7-107
Date(s)/Time(s): Tuesday nights @ 6PM and Saturdays @ 12:30PM
Time Commitment: 2 hours

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