Snow Shovelers Needed: Senior Community Services

November 30, 2020

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Help a senior stay safe this winter by shoveling or blowing snow! 

At Senior Community Services, we help seniors stay in their homes by providing assistance with outdoor chores they are unable to do themselves. Seniors are especially at risk for COVID-19 so we need your help to keep seniors safe at home.

Ice and snow are a real hazard for seniors, especially those with mobility issues. Help keep a senior safe by clearing a driveway and walk for someone!

Volunteers must be 16 years or older and commit to the full season. Typically volunteers are assigned to one senior in their area. Whenever there is a 2 inch or more snow fall, they have 24 hours to shovel or blow the snow for their senior. 

Get to know someone new and develop a relationship with a senior in your community and serve in a meaningful way this winter!

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Location: Varies
Ages: 16+ to operate a snow blower, 13+ to volunteer with an adult
Date(s): After it snows 2″ or more
Time(s): After it snows 2″ or more
Contact: Cat at 952-767-7894,
Time Commitment: Usually an hour or so after each significant snowfall

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