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October 16, 2012

in Children and Teens, Homeless and Hunger Needs

The Suburban Host Home Program uses a successful, cost effective housing model to provide homeless youth with safe, stable and supportive suburban host homes where youth can sincerely focus on improving their lives. It’s estimated that 2,500 youth between the ages of 12 and 21 are homeless each night in the state of Minnesota including 100-150 from the western suburbs of Hennepin County alone. Barriers to school attendance, employment and community connectedness become increasingly difficult to navigate, leaving youth physically and emotionally exhausted; and since there are no shelter beds for youth in southern or western suburban communities, they must travel into urban Minneapolis for services, an additional stressor. Volunteer hosts offer a spare bedroom to a homeless youth and provide food and compassion during the 6-18 months the youth stays with them. Youth need financial assistance with small items like bus cards, work clothes, haircuts and school supplies, in addition to the costs of intensive training and ongoing support for volunteer hosts. Youth are matched with hosts in their geographic area, and we do not currently have any hosts in the Wayzata area.

Location: Suburban Hennepin County
Ages: 25 or older, no upper age limit
Date(s): Any
Time(s): Any
Contact: jenny@avenuesforyouth.org
Website: http://www.suburbanhosthome.org
Time Commitment: Ongoing

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